Air New Zealand Launches Houston Operations


Air New Zealand is not a new name in the United States with the announcement of flights to Houston. The good news is that Flight VZ 38 left Auckland last night and reached Houston Intercontinental Airport today at 1.15pm. True to its economy tagline “Skycouch for families” the flight will be operational for five days in a week. Premium economy and business class seats are also available. Air New Zealand has opened its services to Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco and Honolulu.

Speaking of this latest development Christopher Luxon, Air New Zealand Chief Executive Officer said, “his week we mark 50 years of flying to the U.S – it’s a huge milestone and fantastic that as we celebrate this we also celebrate the operational launch of our latest U.S service which directly connects the heart of America’s south to New Zealand.”

Air New Zealand to make the connecting experience convenient has partnered with Star Alliance’s United Airlines to provide connecting flights from Houston. This way they would be able to service some destinations in the United States.

Houston Aviation Director Mario Diaz stated that the service between George Bush Intercontinental Airport and Auckland had boosted the status of Houston turning it into a global gateway city. This new development has turned this into a strong international route in North America. He added that the relationship with Air New Zealand would be mutual and beneficial.

No more Air New Zealand will be limited to Asia and New Zealand, but it is soon expanding its frontiers with its maiden flight to Houston. The new route has opened up business avenues between the two countries. It also helps in connecting new destinations for passengers in Southern and eastern parts of United States. Christopher Luxon made it clear that over 30 million Americans that were hoping to connect to New Zealand will now find this route easy to access.

The Air New Zealand flight to Houston provides access to Midwest and East Coast. The new route will boost tourism in New Zealand feels Luxon by making it accessible to Miami and other Southern cities. The airline sees potential on the cargo front as well. Flying directly to Houston saves two days of shipping time from Midwest, south and eastern markets in the US.

Houston is the third major destination for Air New Zealand. Earlier it was Singapore with Buenos Aires Flights, and now it has partnered with Air China for Vietnam service that is planned for 2016. Another major announcement is also expected soon informed Luxon.

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Air Florida – Arrival And Departure From The Airline Scene


The state of Florida also owns their airline just like most states in the country. The success story of Air Florida was moderate unlike Air Illinois or Air Oregon. But fortunes have changed. In the year 1970s, Miami turned into a thriving metropolis with scuba diving, tourism saw a boom. The Sunshine state took complete advantage of this tourism. Eli Timoner is the founder of Air Florida. Later Tim Griffin joined as the President. With his marketing experience in Miami region and the previous experience of working as marketing director of Eastern Airlines.

Initially, the airlines used Boeing 707s for flying within the state. Then it was replaced by Lockheed Electra L-188. Later in the 70s Air Florida reverted to Boeing 737-200 and Douglas DC-9. During the 70s flights traveled within Florida catering to small cities like Tallahassee and Gainesville. Now these places receive commercial services as well. Later in 1975, former CEO, Braniff International, Ed Acker bought the airlines and started expanding. With the Airline Deregulation Act, he got an opportunity to expand the airlines. New routes outside Florida started to emerge.

Air Florida turned out to be a major player in the Northeastern part apart from domestic routes. The biggest success came in the form of international routes for Air Florida connecting with European cities like Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London. Apart from these European destinations, it also operated to Caribbean market and Central America. Douglas DC-10-30 handled the international services, especially in the European markets. BAc 1-11 was leased by Air Florida and from the British Island Airlines.

The 1980s saw the rise of Air Miami for Air Florida commuters. This new airline collaboration operated from smaller airports like Ocala and Marco Island. The collaboration continued till 1984. The fortunes changed in the 1980s. During 1981, Air Florida saw a major blow with Acker leaving the airline to join Pan American Airways as the CEO and President. Once Acker left, Air Florida bid heavily for Western Airlines. The reason for bidding was to expand their services in the Western United States, Mexico, and Canada. But unfortunately, the bidding failed, and Air Florida was able to get hold of just 16% of stakes in the Airlines.

The 1980s being a significant year was also tragic with Air Florida flight 90 crashing on January 13, 1982, just after it left the Washington Reagan National Airport. The crash saw 78 people dead. The snag was due to the fog and the inexperience of the pilot to see what was coming. The crash came a big blow to Air Florida. The airline that was already struggling to make both ends meet after the failed attempt to acquire Western airlines. The crash added to the misery. The airlines turned to foreign currency trading to cover the losses. With none of the tricks working in favoring of the company, the airlines were forced to declare bankruptcy. The operations came to an end on July 3rd, 1984.

The crash was just a catalyst; the actual financial disorder came in the form of acquiring Western Airlines. Most of the times the pilots were sitting idle, the airline was unable to renew the licenses of DC-10s. To top it all, there were unprocessed credits card purchases for over 18 months period. All these factors contributed to the airlines declaring bankruptcy. Though all these reasons contributed to the downfall of the airlines, the primary among them being the air crash. This damaged the reputation of the airlines in the public eye.

Air Florida thrived on the tourist industry but, unfortunately, the rising overheads and the burden of acquiring Western Airlines started to eat into its profits leading to the downfall of Air Florida. The tourism industry expanded enormously that the airline was not able to manage their customers until finally they had to call it off. The curtains were down in 1984 much to the dismay of Floridians. The decade old Airlines was shut off from operations.

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Qatar Airways Flaunts Its A350XWB In JFK


The arrival of Qatar Airways Airbus A350XWB landed at JFK on Tuesday creating headlines. The arrival was discussed at the social media sites and print media. The talk is about the aircraft and the all new widebody fleet. The Airbus was not just for special passengers, Group Chief Executive, Akbar Al Baker of Qatar Airways, CEO of Airbus, Fabrice Bragger, and media representatives. It is the first commercial A350 ever to land in the United States.

The tagline of the airline “Going Places Together” is true to its words. The airline won the Airline of the Year Award for the two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012. It has enhanced the reputation of the airline, as to put in Baker’s words, “Qatar Airways has won the confidence of the traveling public.” The company has gained the determination to expand and the tagline is not just a boosting factor the company but to its passengers as well. The airlines want to make it clear to the customers that it is not just a commuting partner but has more to it.

Commenting on this, the CEO Baker said that it is a ‘life changing moment’ as the concept of travel has changed altogether. In a press release, it was made clear that their campaign reflects their core values by inspiring passengers to go places. The interesting point to note is that the press meet was held in New York, the hometown of JetBlue. True to its mission it stands for safe transportation without compromising on integrity and passion.

As far as Qatar Airlines is concerned about going places. On this, they have stood true to the tagline remarks Bakar. Airbus A350 will do just this job. He agrees that A350 is the choicest aircraft when it comes to going places. The Airbus has set precedence when it comes to comfortable cabin space and tranquility. But unfortunately, it was not a quiet takeoff. The airlines had onboard Qatar Airlines executives and media personnel apart from special passengers. Zach Honig’s camera captured the self aborted takeoff, and the reporters were startled. The flight landed safely in DOH after departing from JFK.

Qatar Airways will be eight A350’s rich by 2016. The waiting time for Philadelphians is just one month, but New Yorkers have to wait till next April for the aircraft to arrive. For those lucky ones in LAX, BOS, and ATL, Qatar will operate from January, March and June respectively. So the New Year has some offering for the residents of these cities. Meanwhile, as the plan landed in Doha, the controversy started. Particularly, to the Delta Air Lines CEO, Richard Anderson’s comments on limiting flights from Gulf, Bakar replied that he will, “hang him on a wall” saying that he is prepared to face in at any forum. There were even some ridiculous plans to have a fitness with manual treadmills (reviews).

It is but obvious that Bakar is not taking this matter lightly as USA Today reported that he will drop out of the Oneworld Alliance if American carriers are not supportive of the program. End of the day it is all about flying Qatar to experience all ambiance and venture on a new journey. Very soon Americans will have the pleasure of enjoying world class ambiance on Qatar Airlines. The maiden journey of Qatar A350 from the United States to DOH can be experienced through the lens of Zach.

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